More Restaurant Round-up

It is a good thing I take food pictures on my phone so often, because then I have something to write about when I have no ideas. Of course, my niece would rather see me write about something exciting, like, um….I don’t know. Cats? Our exciting and adventurous life? Sorry, being an adult is actually long periods of the mundane, sometimes punctuated by the exciting. Quite often the exciting is something you DON’T want to happen.

Last week was a good week, socially and in a friend-seeing manner. Went out with my friend E. for ramen on Weds night, that was good. She says it is not the best ramen she has had locally, but it was far more interesting that most of the ramen I have had, so that was good. This was at Hana Japanese Bistro, in Louisville.

It was good. This is the pork ramen. The Hawaiian Sushi roll, with avocado, eel, and macadamia nuts, was also pretty awesome.

I was having a craving Thursday night, so in the midst of cleaning the house for company, I made Chocolate Chip Muffins. They are lovely. However, this makes too many for two people to eat. Should have sent a bunch to work with Ken.

Saturday there was a watch party at a bar in downtown Denver to watch the SDSU/USD rivalry football game. The two teams used to play every year when we were in school and they were both Division II. Now they are both Division I, but this is the first time they have played each other. So both USD and SDSU (South Dakota State University, NOT San Diego) fans were invited.

We got there a little late, but that didn’t really matter, because they hadn’t been able to get the satellite feed set up at Tavern Downtown. So we missed the first quarter, which was when SDSU did most of their scoring, but oh well. Even if we had been there, we wouldn’t have seen it. And it was a pretty lo-res feed and there was no sound, but it was still fun.

And of course we had food. And I had a mixed drink, that was kind of spendy, and not too strong. So then I had a $3 Bud Light in a plastic cup. “Tastes like college.” I did not finish it.
I had to try the pretzel rolls, since I try everything that is a pretzel, especially if it comes with cheese dip.

They were meh. Too much roll and not enough pretzel. The cheese sauce was not very tasty. The mustard, on the other hand, was EXTREMELY spicy. Lots of horseradish, I think. I can’t imagine a normal person like this. On the other hand, I thought it was quite delicious.

Ken said the sliders were fine, not very exciting. He could barely taste the onions and cheese.

The buffalo chicken egg rolls were the best thing, but I don’t know if they were almost-$9-good.

And here we are, all dolled up for the game in our SDSU garb!