Recovery Mode

Sorry for no entry yesterday, but I was still recovering from either food poisoning or a stomach virus this weekend. I suspect food poisoning, because as soon as I got all of that food out, I felt much better. Not a pleasant night while that was happening though, and everything I planned on getting done on Sunday got postponed. Felt a little better on Monday, I had been planning on working from home and attending a lunch meeting, but took a sick day instead and skipped the lunch meeting (food, still, ugh, not a good thought.) Have been subsisting on popsicles, Lipton chicken noodle soup, milk toast, and 7Up. Would make Jello but I forgot to get any CoolWhip, and what is Jello without Coolwhip?

And Sunday was my birthday, so that was an interesting way to spend my birthday. Memorable, I guess.

What do you eat at your house when you get sick? Growing up it was always 7Up, and Campbells Chicken noodle soup. Ken introduced me to the Lipton chicken noodle soup mixes, and I had heard about milk toast, and just tried it for the first time (not bad).

It is very odd for me to not want to look at, think about, smell, or watch food on TV. I started to go upstairs when Ken had warmed up some leftovers for dinner and I had to turn around, and wait for awhile. Usually I claim Monday night as “My TV” night when I get to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, but not this Monday….

MaryAnne was more than happy to have me home all day, she thought I was here specifically to throw her sparkly balls for her to fetch. I did manage to wash a couple of loads of laundy (delicates, etc.) that Ken didn’t do yesterday, and put away my laundry. Made a run to the library and the grocery store (for popsicles) and then came home and thought I might need a little nap. I lay down on the couch at about 3 and woke up at 5:45, don’t remember dreaming or anything, just waking up occasionally when the house creaked because of the terrific wind we were having and thinking, hmm, I have been asleep about 15 minutes. I hope I sleep that well again tonight.

It has been so nice here that thoughts have turned to gardening. Thinking I will turn one of the beds that I usually put tomatoes in into a poppy bed. Wishing I could get up to SD to get some of my grandmother’s poppies, which are already up, so it will probaby be too late by the time I get up there. I love homegrown tomatoes but I always seem to plant a bunch of them and then it is too hot or too cold or too dry or too wet and I don’t get good results, so maybe I will just try one in a container and a few in the regular garden.