Is it Newty Enough?

I bet that very few people talk to gas pumps as much as I do. I’m sorry, but when they beep at me, I feel the need to talk back. Probably because they seem to beep excessively, with multiple beeps when only one beep would do. I am kind of reprimanding them for beeping rather than getting on with pumping gas. And they should be able to switch of the option that wants to know if you want a car wash when there are 20 inches of snow on the ground.

Here is the prototype for the next quilt. The colors will probably be a bit different, and I have consulted with an artist friend, and she thinks I need some horizontal interest in the background, instead of the triangle shaped tapestry. I will also probably make the jar taller and narrower, so the newt is right on one of the “rule of 3rds” lines.

I really like the newt’s bored expression, he looks like he is thinking, “Oh, YOU again.”

And people googling found my blog by searching for:
people laughing at table
artists who paint pictures of cakes or buns
country outhouse jigsaw puzzles

I can understand the last two, but “people laughing at table”? What did the poor table ever do?