The First Glenderella Blog Contest

The first person to point out the mistake in the quilt (which I didn’t even notice until someone pointed it out at class Tuesday.) wins a pair of Glenderella trademark crocheted heavy duty indestructable handmade potholders. I would make it part of the design, but it might interfere with the design when I make the quilt a little bigger. Maybe some of you noticed it already and were too polite to point it out? :  ) This is something that anyone can notice, not just a quilter.

It is so refreshing to go to a class and talk about art and color – I encourage anyone who is a crafter or artist in any sense to take a class and learn something different. It is really helpful to use a different part of your brain. I always feel rejuvenated after class. I feel the same way after Knit Knight. Sometimes doing an artistic activity WITH other people is very different than doing it alone. The interaction informs your choices differently.