What Was In That Bucket

This pretty much sums up today:

DH: What did you have in this bucket?

ME: Nothing.

DH: Well, MaryAnne is sitting in it now. Oh….is that a barf bucket?

ME: Yeah….

So, I came home from work early feeling nauseous. Don’t know if it is what DH had the other night, or the leftover Mexican food for lunch. But I am watching TV and carefully avoiding all food commercials. I will NOT be watching Man Vs. Food tonight. Also seem to be catching a cold, took Mucinex before I went to bed last night and consequently was awake from 3:30 to 4:30, need to remember not to do that again. MaryAnne assumed I was awake for the sole purpose of throwing her little pink ball for her.

Adding to the productivity at work was the fact that we had no internet or email all day, preventing me from sending things out that should have gone out.

Along with the antiques I brought home, my mother-in-law gave me some makeup bags and Clinique things she got through “gift with purchase.” I will always accept makeup bags because they make good knitting bags. I will always accept cleansers and moisturizers because I am cheap. So I got up this morning to find one of the smaller makeup bags in the hallway, and when I saw it later, Leo was all snuggled up to it. He occasionally adopts an object (usually small but sometimes a bath towel) and drags it around the house. We refer to them as his “babies.” Slightly incongrous because he is a large 16 pound Maine Coon cat, but he is also afraid of visitors.

Gratuitous cat pictures:

Leo and MaryAnne. MA might be a little bigger than that now, but not much.

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