Airing of Grievances

Still sick. Was only barely human this morning by virtue of Aleve and Nyquil. Didn’t want to go to work and contaminate my co-workers any more than I probably already did yesterday. And, it was also snowing and the wind was blowing, so that was extra incentive to stay home. Of course, I ended up working from home a couple of hours, after the new IT guy got the server at work fixed so we were finally getting our email after 2 days, and fixed the firewall so I was ALLOWED to log on from home.

About noon I thought I was feeling pretty good and then I totally crashed from 12:30 to 1:30 so I guess not.

Was working on the Christmas afghan for DN (Dear Niece) #4, thought it would be safe from the cat monster if I put it all back in my work bag with the yarn on the bottom, oh no, that rotten cat knocked the bag over, dragged the whole afghan out to get to the yarn, and bit the yarn in half. Brat. That took me out of the crocheting mood pretty fast, but I did measure and discover I am on the last row I have to do before I do the edging. Of course, it wants me to put 82 stitch markers in the last row, I don’t have 82 stitch markers, let alone the nice clippy ones you would need to get it out of the crochet later. Don’t they understand the Glenderella “guestimating” technique?

There was no way I was going out to the freezer in the garage to get anything for dinner, so that meant leftover ham from the freezer in the house. Did make steak fries in the oven because that is what my somewhat still weirded out, slightly nauseated stomach wanted.

Meanwhile, we are watching some show on the Cooking Channel about a food truck that makes cupcakes, and DH says, “Why are we watching this, it is making me hungry?” And I promptly went upstairs to make a cake. Hot fudge cake, the kind that makes its own hot fudge sauce on the bottom. With vanilla ice cream over it, that is just what my sore throat needs. I attempted the “cake in a mug-microwave” version of this last week, and let me tell you, you want to stay away from that. Could not be called a cake in any sense of the word.

Although this recipe is not written for people who do not read ahead, and someone may have dumped in 6 T. of cocoa in the batter, rather than 2 T. in the batter and 4 T. in the hot water mixture, so we will see how that turns out. It can’t possibly be worse that the ‘sludge in a mug.’

As I mentioned in my post the other night, I would love to re-do the guest bathroom in “retro kitsch sea shell.” My DH is less than enthused about this idea. So as we were flipping through channels trying to find something on TV, I asked him, “Would you rather watch ‘Dial M for Murder’ or let me redecorate the bathroom in shells?” And his answer was “Do you have a gun?”, which isn’t exactly an answer but I guess I get his point.

My ideas for the bathroom include:

I am pretty sure I could get a shell lamp like that back from my sister-in-law, since I gave her one just like that when we were exchanging “ugly gifts” each Christmas. Maybe I shouldn’t tell her how much they are going for on Ebay……And then maybe one of those shell wind chimes, hmmmmm. This could be a really memorable bathroom, I am just saying. Although I am generally against adding things that I would have to dust, so that may not be in favor of the wind chimes.

Random photo of my life:

This is not what happens when you try to hide someone you have stabbed in your suitcase, this is what happens when you have a bottle of cough syrup that comes open in your suitcase. Needless to say, that was the last of that suitcase.


2 thoughts on “Airing of Grievances

  1. I packed a bottle of cough syrup not too long ago for a work trip. I placed it carefully in the bag and then thought of Glenderella and quickly pulled it out and packed it in a ziplock bag first!

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