Sewing Expo Loot

Woke up Tuesday morning to 4 more inches of snow. We were supposed to have a half inch to an inch and/or “a trace.” As I said, “they can trace my a**. (Ken insisted I put that on the blog.) I was not delighted to trudge through it to my car this morning. At least I didn’t have to shovel it, that is Ken’s area of responsibility. And there is more coming, oh joy! Oh rapture!

I attended the Sewing Expo with my friend Cathy this weekend. With my Color Theory Class in mind, I bought several fabrics that might be good for future projects. And, uh, a few other things.

That is a new cutting board. It is a little too long, but it is trimmable. It is made out of PVC, and smooths out again after you cut on it. This is one thing I wished I had purchased at the last sewing expo, and didn’t, I was glad to see them at this one.

In front of the board is a fabric painting book by Cindy Walter. I really liked her samples at her booth – and hope to take a class from her next time. To the left of the book is a bag of batik scraps to build my collection from SewBatik from Mayville, ND. He had noticed my “SDSU Jackrabbits” shirt, since he was from North Dakota. In front of book are two blue print fabrics from Fabric Junction in Sturgis, SD.  I tried to get the “from SD discount” but it didn’t work.  The blue fabrics are for (maybe) my triad color project which is due next. To the right side of the book are three red fabrics for the same project.

Next to those is my “007 Bonding Agent” kit with a pressing cloth, bonding powder, bonding glue stuff, and iron cleaning sheets. You can do all kinds of good stuff with this – it is kind of an “As seen on TV – demonstration” type product, but I think I will use this on my jeans that need to be patched and on fusible projects.

Then there are some Dy-Na-Flow fabric dyes. I have some ideas for those. I promise I will wear old clothes.

Back to the left side, laying flat on the couch, is a “mini-cakes” cookbook, which I should just probably have as a blog give-away to save myself the calories. I would hate to give away an untested product, however…

Then there is a whole stream of violet, blue, red-violet, blue, orange, yellow….those are all “gradations” fabrics that are dark at the top and really light or a totally different color at the bottom. These will also be excellent for my color class. Again from SewBatik from ND.

In front of the cookbook is a special foot for magically and effortlessly piecing curves. We will see.

Next to that, folded in triangles, are marbled fabrics from Quilters Treasure in New Hampshire. Again, for color class.

And that is a roll of very cute cat fabrics – yes, one of my “fabric collections,” next to a silicone lint roller – again, as seen on TV. We certainly go through enough of the tape ones. Ken, the head cat fur remover in the house, expressed skepticism.

At the very front are two more fabrics, a dogwood print that was just too beautiful, and a strawberry print. I seem to be collecting strawberry prints, now, too. Along with some purple prints, the cat prints, and cupcake prints. And I think there might be one more I forgot.

So, a good time was had by all, and my feet were tired, but I have many raw materials to work with now. I had several people comment on my SDSU Jackrabbits shirt and tell me they were from SD, or ND, or they had attended SDSU. South Dakota is really just one big small town. I love it.

2 thoughts on “Sewing Expo Loot

  1. The Sewing Expo was a lot of fun. I can’t believe that I didn’t buy a single piece of fabric! I did rake in the tools and books, though. I can’t wait to start working on some of the projects in the “Snippets” book (by Cindy Walter).

    Maybe I can use that technique in one of the projects for my Color Class!!

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