“Just Do It My Way.” “Like I’ve Never Heard That Before.”

The title is a conversation between Ken and I as he resisted following instructions on how to put address labels and stamps on my Christmas letters. Yes, I am a little behind.

My new saying for him, from Anthony Bourdain: “Don’t look at me, you signed on for this cruise, Gilligan.”

Here are some final pictures from the snow. We ended up with about 17 inches according to the yardstick.

You might spend a lot of time playing fetch with your cat if you are snowed in.

After the 1st snowblowing. Friday about 3:00.

We got a few more inches after that.

Like 6 more inches, the driveway is pretty much snowed in again.

Not a good day to be parked outside.

Official measurement?

Snow cliff hanging off the back of the garage.

With icicles.

Well, I guess I would rather have snow than -20°.

Leo says ‘Tsup? I chillin.


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