I think my brother the rabbit should be a little worried

I went to a one room country school.

The biggest class size I was ever in was 3, in kindergarten and 1st grade.

(1st day of kindergarten, 19cough cough cough)

1st day of 1st grade. My mom made me this smock, embroidered with Dennis the Menace, Snoopy, etc. I think my oldest niece has it, I don’t know that she was ever allowed to wear it. Double-knit polyester, that must have been a huge pain to embroider on. I think that the fact that it is double-knit polyester, lime green has something to do with why the oldest niece wasn’t allowed to wear it.

Me and my toothless grin and Scooby Doo lunchbox.

Going trick or treating you pretty much knew whose houses you were going to, and who was coming to yours. Of course, living in rural SD, we probably put 20 miles on the car trick or treating. And of course the older neighbors always wanted to visit with my mom, and we wanted to get on the road for MORE TRICK AND TREATING!

This is me and my brother and two neighbor boys who were going with us that night (and my Dad’s knee). I think my brother the rabbit should be a little worried. We got that rabbit costume as a hand me down from someone, my Mom made that mask to go with it, she has much better artistic abilities than I do. I sure wish I still had that cowgirl outfit. Wait, I can sew……

School Christmas program. I am pretty sure this is the largest enrollment at the school while I was there. The next year, things had changed, families had moved into town, and the school was smaller but still there.

Looks like 12 kids to me, what with the ones who are directly behind others. Probably covered most of the 8 grades. That teacher had her hands full, all of us and no teacher’s aide. And she still did a good job. However, if you gave her any guff, you could be taken out in the hall and sp*nked with a ruler (don’t want any weirdos searching google to find my site based on sp*nking.) I NEVER went out in the hall, I was a Good girl. In grade school at least.

Well, my husband says my blog posts are too long so I will stop there. And, my sister in law has just called for her annual “assistance needed” with her Christmas address labels. She did it just fine last year without me, so she was all cocky, but she couldn’t remember one of the steps, so call in Microsoft expert Glenderella……

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