Leo Gets His Summer Haircut

Last summer we got Leo a summer haircut, partially to be cool and partially because he had some mats in his fur we couldn’t brush out. So we did it again this summer. He seems moderately less humiliated. His sister is still hissing and growling at him, however.



Please note his sister sniffing his tail. She hissed at him right after that. The groomer said “My, he is a big boy, isn’t he.”

After the cat grooming van, then the piano tuner came. (It was a REALLY bad day for cats.) Apparently I should get the piano tuned more often than every 7 years. He had to do a “double tune,” running through all the keys twice. Now I just need to be organized and remember to have it tuned every six months, so it doesn’t get so bad. I have been in the mood to play lately and it is depressing to play when it is out of tune.

I did some shopping in preparation for pageant (WAAAAY back in June) so here are some pictures.

Accessories at Charming Charlie. I didn’t get the chance to wear/use all of these yet. The turquoise coral-looking bracelet broke the first time I tried to wear it, oh well. I am saving the pieces for some future craft project.

I think I only wore one of those flowers in my hair during the week, and I didn’t get anything put in the purse yet, too busy. But they sure are cute.

Summer shoe shopping:

These are Merrills, I thought they were the answer to my lack of sandals, but they rubbed my high arches funny and they went back to the store.

These Skechers are actually really comfortable, but I think I forgot to even take them to Hot Springs, hmmm, perhaps I have too many shoes?

I thought these were the answer to my desire for lower-heel, patent leather, pointy toed pumps, but nooooooo, these made so much noise when I walked they also went back to the store. It sounded like I was walking on the sticky side of Contact paper, for all the plastic-y noise they made. I eventually found a pair of sling-backs that worked, apparently point-toed pumps are out now, so sad. Pictures of the second round of shoe-shopping sometime this week.

Other than dealing with the cat groomer and the piano tuner, I worked on a pieced quilt, started the crochet baby afghan, went to the pharmacy and bank, went to JoAnn fabric to get setting fabric for the bunny quilt and left when it was obvious it was going to require waiting in line a half hour to get my fabric cut, and took a nap, which was awesome. I will probably regret it tonight when I am trying to go to sleep. And now, Monday night, I am working on cleaning out my closet, because I have a good friend who is losing weight and she gave me a bunch of her clothes that are too big for her now. Wheeee! Hand-me-downs! It was like having a personal shopper, everything fit! So I need to get rid of some of my old stuff that I don’t wear any more, and make room for the new!

4 thoughts on “Leo Gets His Summer Haircut

  1. I have those Skechers in black and brown. They are pretty much all I have worn for the last 2 years or so because they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I actually bought a back up pair in both colors so that when the first pair wears out I have another. The first pairs are still going fine!

    • Good to know! I will see how I do with them after wearing them all day. I got another pair (of Skechers, again) that don’t have the wedge heel, definitely thinking of ordering other colors and back up pairs of them!

  2. Just reading your blog post now (January 2013). Love the lion cut for Leo! He is gorgeous. We had to do the same thing for our little Maine Coon ( adopted almost 3 years ago). I say “little” because he is only about 12 pounds–small for a Maine Coon male! Anyway, he looked so cute with his “lion” style. Once he got over the initial shock (and perhaps embarrassment?) of having so much less fur, he loved it–especially on 100+ degree days in the Sacramento area!

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