K & S Are Here – Adventures at Govnr’s Park Tavern and Sushi Den

My friend K. and his fiancée S. (also my friend) arrived on Friday night for a quick visit from Wyoming. They rode down with friends, and we were all going to meet at Sushi Den for dinner. Sushi Den was packed, and our reservation was for 8:30, so when they arrived a little early, we picked up K. and S. and their friends they rode down with went to check into their hotel. We went to find somewhere to have drinks, and ended up at Govnr’s Park Tavern, which was busy and hopping! I had a lovely beverage called a Snozzberry whicn I did have a picture of but I accidentally deleted (still getting used to new phone….big learning curve.)

We didn’t intend to eat but when we saw the table next to us get a plate with two giant soft pretzels, we had to have an order. They are described as “Homemade Pretzels – two giant soft homemade pretzels baked to order, with mustard and cheese sauce.” I am kind of a collector of places to eat soft pretzels, and these were excellent. They were $7.50 and they were EXCELLENT. Just the thing to tide us over until dinner.

Did I take pictures? Of course I took pictures.

I will be going back for these.

We made our way over to Sushi Den, still packed. We were seated about 8:45 for our 8:30 reservation. There were four couples total, we shared two orders of edamame, except for Ken who doesn’t know edamame are good. Each couple ordered an assortment of rolls, except for Ken, who had teriyaki chicken (sorry, picture of that didn’t turn out…..). I ordered the tofu roll (because I always have to try something I have never tried before), the Rocky Mountain Roll (smoked trout) and Anakyu (Sea Eel) roll. Well, plates of rolls kept coming to the table, and I got my plate of Tofu Rolls, and then never got my other rolls. And by that time I had had pretzel, edamame, Ken’s miso soup, and had partaken of rolls that others were sharing, and wasn’t really hungry for them, so when I told the waitress about them, we just cancelled them, she was very nice about it. Here is some of what we did eat:

This is my tofu sushi.

I don’t know all the rolls everyone ordered, but we were all very happy and very full at the end of the evening.

The new phone is a Samsung Galaxy and takes pretty good pictures, it seems, I am still figuring out how to do most other tasks on it, however.

Tomorrow: IKEA, Bagel Deli, Denver Fabrics.

3 thoughts on “K & S Are Here – Adventures at Govnr’s Park Tavern and Sushi Den

  1. I like your flowers do butterflies go to your lilacs ours do and that is why i have ten butterflies in my room of course in a cage. Haha and how do you accidently spray yourself in the face with a hose? Actually I could see you doing it I could see me doing it too:)

    • I haven’t seen any butterflies yet, it might still be a little cold at night for them. We have some miller moths though, and MaryAnne wishes we would let them inside so she could chase them.

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