Left handed steering and sticking your tongue out

It is about the end of the week and my brain is full and tired, so this will be a picture-heavy wrap-up of the week.

A few pictures of us with my brother and his family at Dave and Buster’s last week.

D. (the youngest) won this car race game quite handily, but I don’t know if his Grandpa is going to let him drive the tractor with that steering technique. He is left handed, and I am not sure how exactly he is manipulating that steering wheel but apparently it worked. And nice look of distress on T’s face.

S. demonstrating that hanging your tongue out helps you focus in skee ball.

Kenny demonstrates his perfect form at the football game, just like Elway.

It snowed again Thursday morning, after the wind howled all day (gusts up to 77 mph at our house). Suddenly at about 9:45 the wind just shut off. And then it snowed during the night, which was expected, but in many places it snowed quite a bit more than expected. I was not enthusiastic about driving in the snow for a 2nd time in a week. We need more of a break than that.

I leave on work travel again next week, so this weekend will be a frenzy of getting things done, because I always feel I should do that before I go places. If I get half the things done on my “to do” list I will be doing well. I will probably write some posts in advance so I don’t have to post while I am on my trip, I think I still need to post the final installment of the San Francisco trip, and there will be pictures from the quilt show I attended last weekend, and an update on the newt quilt!

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