Snow day?

Denver is preparing for snowmageddon. There is nothing we like better than a big storm that we can mull over for a few days and get all dramatic about. This one sounds like it may truly BE something, but I always know that I may wake up in the morning and find a miserable dusting of snow rather than the predicted 8 to 22 inches. I am planning on working from home, I don’t care to drive to work in more than 5 inches of snow, spending more time on the road than at the office.

Pictures from Nov 2009 snowstorm (Bird bath. Looks like about 12-13 inches. We could get twice that out of this storm, or half that, who knows.)

I stopped at the grocery store, which is the same idea everyone else had. The only things that were really getting down to bare shelves that I noticed were ice cream and avocados. Oh, and Kroger brand velveeta substitute. I went with the regular Velveeta. Apparently everyone is planning on making guacamole and queso and having ice cream for dessert.

I am planning on making cheeseburger soup and runzas. There was no shortage of green cabbage, and onions were on sale, so good for me.

I asked my checker guy how long this busy-ness had been going on and he said ALL DAY. And then he said he was going to go to Costco after work and buy a very large bottle of wine. And if it didn’t snow that much, he would still have his very large bottle of wine.

Post with Topsy Turvy Tomato planter, and hanging flower basket. And snow.

The parking lot wasn’t terribly full, and I didn’t think the store was packed, but they certainly had a shortage of carts, so the checker asked me to return mine to the store after I took it to the car.

Our neighbors’ grill.

I got milk and bread, of course, isn’t that what you get at the store before a blizzard? And I thought we might be low on eggs, so I got another dozen, but that was a mistake, so now I need to do some baking AND we need to eat some eggs for breakfast. And I have bread, so we can have “soak eggs.” That is what I called eggs over easy until I was in college, I had no idea what to order at a restaurant to get soak eggs. I also might experiment with poaching eggs in my rice cooker. We will see how that goes.

AND I got powdered buttermilk, because I have waffle recipe to try.

Now, if you really want to be snowed in, you want to be at the ranch in SD, because my Mom has enough food there to feed an army for about 6 months or quite possibly more. Assuming the freezers are working. If not, there is beef on the hoof. When the zombie armageddon happens, you know where I am heading. (WordPress does not think armageddon is a word is a word if it isn’t capitalized. I talking just general armageddon, not the biblical one. I don’t think the biblical one has zombies. Well, maybe.)

So unless the big storm veers to the east, it is going to be me and the cats (and maybe even the husband) working from home. Whee! Snow day!

1 thought on “Snow day?

  1. I love being snowed in … I remember that my very first experience with a blizzard was at the ranch. Your mom and I got a bunch of material out and cut strips for braided rugs … never did make them, though … I think the strips went to a weaver for woven rugs for the Bazaar.

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