And Why Wouldn’t it Have Tentacles?

How about some knitting content? It has been a while. I have the next pair of socks started:

They are not really this red, they are brownish. This is the “Elongated Rib” pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks.

And now for some mittens. Not a recent project, but one of my favorites.

I am quite fond of the Selbuvotter mitten patterns.

This was the first pair I knit. I took a class at Knit Knack, my local yarn store.They were too small for me and so my sister-in-law April got them.

This was the second pair I knit. These are Mine.

These are the third pair, they were for my friend Cyndi

If you want to know details about what yarn and what number pattern, comment and I will email you my Ravelry “handle.” If you don’t know what Ravelry is, it is a website where knitters hang out together and plot to take over the world.

And, what I learned in my quick design class on last Saturday:

My next quilt is going to have tentacles.

Another design from class. This one is so boring compared to the one with tentacles.

And I am off on another work trip. One night gone, two nights home, one night gone, I am not sure which direction I am going.

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