Have An Interesting Day

Before I left the house this a.m., I misplaced my briefcase, misplaced my keys, accidentally set off the car alarm, and Leo barfed on both the couch and in front of the bedroom door. I was on my way to a seminar/training all day, and I had been dreaming about being in a quilt class, being in the WRONG quilt class, and MaryAnne woke me up at 4:00 so she could snuggle with me. Ken said, “Have an interesting day,” and I said, “It already is.”

I stopped at White Soul Brothers Chili to have one of their “potato bombs” for breakfast. It is essentially a potato half, with some of the potato scooped out, and then baked with an egg and cheese on top of it. Getting it smothered in green chili did not make it easy to eat in the car, but it was delicious. I am going to get back there some day for lunch so I can have some of their soup. I had fun talking to the two gentlemen there, one who was preparing my food and one who was cleaning the blinds. The one cleaning the blinds asked if I would be offended if he asked me if he was cleaning them correctly. Heck no, of course not. They were right next to one of the tables and looked like they might have had pop spilled on them or something – and I told him there wasn’t really an easier way, you just have to wipe them all carefully down (metal mini-blinds) and that it was going to be a pain. Apparently I impressed them with my cheerfulness, because when I told them to have a good day, the blind-cleaning one said “I know you will, because you have the right attitude!”

We had Udi’s sandwiches for lunch at my workshop, and I had an excellent one with turkey, granny smith apple slices, and bleu cheese, on cranberry walnut bread, which was amazing.

My seminar was good, but it was exhausting, and I don’t talk about work on this blog so that is all I am going to say about that! :  ) But using a different part of your brain all day than you typically use is very exhausting.

Then I went to GB Fish and Chips because it was close by, and now I remember why I don’t get fish and chips very often, they are so greasy. And it was early for dinner for me, so I wasn’t very hungry, So I didn’t really do justice to the HUGE pile of squid strips and few oysters and chips.

Some of the squid strips were cooked just right and still had some tooth to them, but most of them were overdone and you couldn’t tell the difference between them and the breading. It was certainly a LARGE serving, and this was supposed to be a half order!

Then I went to my quilt class, I will write more about that tomorrow when I have more than half a brain cell. It was certainly exhausting going to another learning experience after having been in one all day!

2 thoughts on “Have An Interesting Day

  1. Been wondering how GB is — not big on more breading than fish. You still need to try Cheshire or Yorkshire — whatever, you know what I mean!

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