Leftovers, Anyone?

I was saved by my planning ahead last nigh. Still feeling somewhat nauseous, I wasn’t about to make anything with meat for dinner. Aha, I thought, I have an 8 by 8 pan of lasagna in the freezer from February. So I thawed that out for Ken for dinner and re-heated in the oven (better that way) and I even had a little tiny bit.

Other than that, not much going on. I had a meeting in Denver this morning so worked from home after that. Other than getting kicked off the remote login several times and complaining to our IT contractor about that, it was a quiet day. Went to Knit Knight at Panera Bread, did NOT sample the tortellini as I intended as I did not think my stomach was up to that. Had a very enjoyable time knitting, as usual. Now one day in the office before I go on travel again. At least it sounds like the weather is going to be good and I won’t get snowed in while I am in Chicago.

Since it was my birthday this weekend (which I got to enjoy by being SICK), how about some adorable baby pictures? :  )

Two weeks old:

Six weeks old:

Five months old:

Yeah, yeah, I was cute then, what happened? Yada yada yada, I have heard it all. Look how young my parents are! See what (cough) years of me will do to you?

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