Winter Park II With Actual Pictures

Well, I have returned from Yuma, Colo., and after I saw the weather Monday morning, I was quite glad I headed out there Sunday night rather than waiting until 5:00 a.m. Even heading back to Denver at about 12:30, the sun was shining but there were ground blizzard conditions quite often on the state highway. It would not have been fun in the dark. It was not a lot of fun in the daylight. But I have outgrown the stage of life where everything has to happen in a hurry, and I took it easy and got home OK. And I had a book on tape to listen to (Connie Willis’ Blackout) so that helps considerably.

Once you turn off of I-70 and onto U.S. 40, it is very twisty and has lots of switchbacks, it is only about 26 miles but it takes a while because you need to slow down to 20 mph for the turns.

There were lots of people back-country skiing and snowboarding. There used to be a ski resort area here at Berthoud pass, and now it is all back-country. Which means that instead of a ski lift, you have to hike yourself up the hills. And there is also considerably more avalanche danger. And, according to the sign, danger of being shelled.

One of the peaks visible from the rest area/parking area at the pass. I have no idea what its name is, I tried to look at some of the topological maps and I was quite lost. Good thing I am not a mountain man.

You can turn about every direction and take an amazing picture.

The mountains toward the town of Winter Park.

People hike up this very steep mountain and ski down it. Ay yi yi.

A very nice young snow boarder offered to take our picture. We were hiking on the snow to get to a better angle for taking pictures, and I was wishing I had worn snow boots.

These mountains are north (?) of the towns of Winter Park and Fraser. You can see that we are down in the valley where the towns rest. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. But, a lot of snow. And this year, actually less snow than usual.

On the way through Fraser, I had sighted a winery advertising wine tastings, and when we went around the block to park at the winery, I saw two signs: Thrift Store and Art Gallery. So you know what tomorrow’s entry will be about.

We did not stay at this hotel, but I would be totally open to the possibility:

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