Art-O-Mat Treasures

Notes from the plane: when you are hitting turbulence is not the time to try and fix your dropped stitches in your knitting.

On the way home: I was in the aisle trying to get to my seat, and one of my board members was already seated, and I said to him, “I told you I am right behind you and I am going to kick you all the way!” Unfortunately the guy in front of me in the aisle thought I was talking to HIM! He thought I thought he was taking too much time to get his stuff stowed in the overhead. When we got it straightened out, he said, “That’s OK, I’m used to women talking to me like that.” Which, I am sure, is a whole ‘nother story.

So this is what I got from the Art-O-Mat. Sara O., I am not posting yours, so they will be a surprise!

This is a hand made print on a wood block, called “Linozoic,” by Dr. Rafe Sagarin, This one is pretty cool but I see by his website that he has an octopus…..if I had known that I probably would have emptied out his column on the machine.

This is a collage by Rachel Freeman. Collage Art Site. Rachel Freeman’s Mail Art Site. She is from Kansas, so that is partly why I picked her. I really like this windmill.Really enjoy looking through here site, I might have to try trading art by mail with her.

This is Carrot, my Inanimate Pet in a handmade sweater. By Leticia Miller. I have not yet registered Carrot so her friends can see where she settled down, but I intend to. The website has a cute story about where she came from. I was hard pressed to not get several of these.

This piece is called “Ode to Harold” and comes with a poem about a book that inspired the artist. I love it because it has two tiny perfect knitting needle, AND knitting on them. I got an extra for our Knit Knight Christmas gift exchange. If you are a Knit Knight member, please try and forget about this between now and next

This was the first seascape I got. I knew I had to have more.

This was the 2nd one I got, and then I knew I had to have a third one, because they would make a lovely little triptych.

This is my 3rd seascape. I love them all but this is my very favorite. They are by Helena M. Langley,ย

So I am very happy with my souvenirs. I am going to put the seascapes where I can see them and pretend…..

Tomorrow: Done with the Nautilus Quilt!

10 thoughts on “Art-O-Mat Treasures

  1. I am dying over the windmill!!! Can’t wait to get mine next week! Maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t make it to D.C. – I probably would have spent my whole fun budget on art-o-mat!

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  4. HI, This is Leticia Miller, Carrots original mom. ๐Ÿ™‚ So glad she found a new home and what a cute photo of her! Enjoy. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you for commenting!!! I love Carrot and I bought her two companions in Vegas, both of whom had pebbles while they were in transit, so I was THRILLED! Will try and get them photographed soon! I will have quite a little herd…..

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